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Effortless persistence

Automated follow ups make sure none of your leads fall through the cracks. Smart reply detection ensures every lead gets the right number of touchpoints. Persistence wins in converting leads, and PersistIQ’s smart automation helps you get the most out of every lead.

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Intelligent features working for you

Outbound sales is complex. We’ve built intelligence into the core of PersistIQ to give you that extra edge. Know who on your team is already in contact with a lead before you even reach out. Avoid common mistakes with all the safety nets we’ve put in place. Balance personalization and scale with our smart email throttling and customization features.

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Gain hours back each day

PersistIQ automates the outbound sales process where it counts, while keeping the core human elements in place. This gives you hours back each day so you can focus on high-impact sales activities. No more tedious work or planning follow ups.

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Become an outbound sales expert

PersistIQ gives you detailed analytics on all of your outbound efforts so you can quickly understand what works for you, your process, and your company. A/B testing and a clean, simple interface let you easily experiment different methods so you can constantly improve your performance.

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What is PersistIQ?

PersistIQ is an all-in-one outbound sales platform. Sales teams use PersistIQ to turn cold leads into sales opportunities. Our smart campaigns automate the outbound sales process and make sure every lead gets the right number of touchpoints.

Who is it for?

Sales teams large and small use PersistIQ with great success. If you have a list of leads that you want to convert, then PersistIQ is for you. Customers generally use PersistIQ with their CRM, which takes over once the lead is an opportunity.

How much does it cost?

PersistIQ accounts include a 21-day free trial. Paid plans start at just $49 per user / month. Our pricing is simple and transparent. No hidden fees. No lock-ins. See more on our pricing page.

Under the hood?

  • * Automated Mail Merge
  • * Catch Duplicate Leads
  • * Automatic Reply Detection
  • * Email Templates
  • * Smart Leads Database